Saturday, 23 December 2006

All is Calm...

The crib in St Joseph's chapel awaits the arrival of the Lord, and heralds the last few hours of tranquility before the frenzied activity of Sunday and Christmas Day. As far as the calendar, a Monday Christmas represents the second worst scenario, since Christmas Eve is a busy working day. However the worst secenario (Christmas on a Saturday) is very much the worst possible situation, since Boxing Day becomes a working day! Whatever, this work joyfully undertaken, for this is a glorious time of year.

This smaller of our two cribs has, for the first time, a magnificent new setting since the mosaics in the chapel were completed earlier this year.


Anonymous said...

The crib was very beautiful yesterday evening - and the entire Cathedral looking splendid! Well done Fr Mark!

Only pity was that the hay convering Our Lord had been blown away a little so you could see Christ in the manger - a premature birth at Westminter Cathedral perhaps? :D

Mark Langham said...

I think the sudden cold snap had something to do with it!