Saturday, 2 December 2006

Welcome to the Dean

This afternoon I had the privilege of attending the installation of the Very Reverend John Hall as Dean of Westminster. An important post for the Church of England, obviously, but also an important one for the Cathedral.

Relations between Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral are strong, and have been characterised by warm friendships between successive Deans and Administrators. Situated close to each other in central London, it is natural for these two great churches to work together to bear witness to the Gospel together.

There is much that we can do at an official and unofficial level. On great occasions, the clergy and choir from either establishment travel down the road for formal services, while informal contacts are an important way of building fellowship and common cause.
Strangely enough, music has forged even closer links between Abbey and Cathedral, with a steady stream of talented musicians moving from one establishment to the other. The current Organist and Master of the Choristers at the Abbey, James O'Donnell, was previously Master of Music at the Cathedral; his successor here, Martin Baker, served as Organist at the Abbey - his successor there, Robert Quinney, was Assistant Master of Music here!

The new Dean has a background in Education, and served as Chief Educational Officer for the Church of England. Such a training will serve him well in communicating the gospel. We congratulate the Very Reverend John Hall, and assure him of our prayers, as we look forward to a fruitful collaboration in proclaiming our faith to the people of our city.

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Anonymous said...

This is such an important link with the Church of England and it is so good to read of two great churches working so closely together. Long may it continue!