Thursday, 7 December 2006

Catholic Blogging

I discovered the Blog (as a concept) on a recent trip to America, where every Priest seems to read the formidable Whispers in the Loggia, a lucid and informative commentary on the American (and occasionally wider) Catholic Church. There are many Catholic bloggers in this country too, covering a range of views and aspects of the Church.

I met last week one of the most interesting of these, who conceals his identity as Joee Blogs (and I shall respect his anonymity). This blog is impressive because its author is, as he says, 'a young catholic Londoner, attempting to live and realise his vocation on the background of London, England.' It's not always an easy path, and the author frankly and bravely chronicles his own concerns - perhaps not everyone would agree with all his views, but one cannot but admire his openness and his determination to bear withess to his faith in the contemporary world. I commend it you - the link is as above.

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Thank you for recommending this site and through it I discovered the wonderful