Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Wreathes around the Baldacchino

To celebrate the centenary of the Baldacchino this Christmas, we have wreathed two columns with garlands. Poor Tom, our electrician, ended up a ladder late last evening, threading the garland around the columns while avoiding the Christmas trees. However, with the help of Bernie, our handyman, a spectacular effect was achieved:


orielensis said...

Absolutely lovely, Father. What a nice idea. I've always loved the baldachino. It's good that the High Altar has remained intact and beautiful, in spite of the liturgical reforms of the last four decades.

Anonymous said...

Glad I wasn't the one up the ladder! Lovely idea!

Anonymous said...

I saw the baldacchino at Mass today for St John the Evangelist's day and agree it looks quite spectacular. I also second orielensis' comments and offer a prayer of thanksgiving that, unlike in St George's Cathedral, Southwark, the magnificent High Altar has survived as a focus of prayer and devotion in this amazing House of God.