Sunday, 24 December 2006

In Joyous Expectation

We were all up late last night with preparations. The Cathedral is blessed to have such a good team, and each chaplain has worked hard to make sure the Cathedral and Clergy House are ready. With Christmas Eve as a Sunday, there will be little time to devote to these tasks, so Saturday was a useful and necessary space.

One job has been to set out the magnificant consecration sconces (left) - the twelve candles holders in the form of a hand holding a torch, which are set into the walls of the nave for major occasions. They give a wonderful feeling of the apostles leaning into the Cathedral, to light its way.

Sunday begins in the usual way, with four morning Masses (including the High Mass at 10.30) and Morning Prayer at 10.00. Somewhere over luncthime, however, the day transforms into Christmas Eve, with Solemn First Vespers of Christmas at 4.00pm. The first (family) Mass of Christmas will be at 6.00pm, replacing the usual 5.30pm and 7.00pm Masses.

As ever, this is joyous place to be, but also busy (the Confessional queues have been continuous), and one rather has a sense of 'coming to' at Midnight Mass, realising it has all arrived! For myself, many things to do today, including some music rehearsals. I have to practise singing the Christmas proclamation, which includes the toungue twister 'anno septingentesimo quinquagesimo secundo' (the seven hundred and fifty seveth year)! Better lay off the sherry at lunch!


Unknown said...

To Father Mark and all the staff at the Cathedral,Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year from us all at Our Lady & The English Martyrs Cambridge - keep blogging!

Jay said...

Merry Christmas, to all who write this blog and to all who read. All the best into 2007.

mookie said...

A happy and holy Christmas to all. Through God we trust that we can live fulfilling lives.