Thursday, 17 May 2007

Centenary Congress 1950

A fascinating image of the Papal Legate at the Throne - note the two gentiluomini in their ruffs flanking him, while Cardinal Griffin is relegated to a faldstool on the right. In the stalls sits the Hierarchy, and the Chapter Canons are on their knees around the Throne (!).

The Catholic Hierarchy of England and Wales was re-established by Pope Pius IX in 1850, with Nicholas Wiseman as first Archbishop of Westminster. Cardinal Griffin preached the sermon on the anniversary: "As Bishop Wiseman raised the sacred Host on the morning of the 29th September 1850, his heart was filled with joy and thanksgiving for great things were at hand. Success had at last attended the labours of many years of negotiation. The Hierarchy, which had been extinct for three hundred years, was that day to be restored."

The Cathedral Chronicle noted approvingly: "The transformation of the Cathedral for the celebrations was a magnificent achievement and conveyed an impression of great beauty and dignity. The thrones and tribunes which were put up for the occasion looked splendid in their scarlet and gold hangings."


Anonymous said...

Marvellous photo. Just another 47 years to go and we can celebrate the Bicentenary!

Hope you enjoy a joyous Ascension Thursday although, of course, it is now Ascension Thursunday, more's the pity.

Anonymous said...

Who is the vested prelate on the extreme right MGr?

Anonymous said...

Very nostalgic.I was with my father in a gallery just to the right of the photographer.I had hitch-hiked to Rome that summer for Holy Year and, at a date I forget,joined thousands of Catholics in Wembley Stadium to celebrate the restoration of the hierarchy.It was a time of exciting optimism for young Catholics!