Saturday, 26 May 2007

A couple of Diamonds

It is a huge privilege for any priest to celebrate a marriage; a special privilege also to be present and to bless a sixtieth wedding anniversary! This has happened to me twice recently, and I am keen to publicise these occasions. As well as being a great milestone for the couples concerned, it is a wonderful sign to the rest of us of the joy and blessings of married life - a message ever more imortant in our times. Above, Maria and Jack Parmenter celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary with a blessing in the Lady Chapel.

Here: Tom and Kathleen O'Driscoll, whom I blessed yesterday. They married in the Lady Chapel of Westminster Cathedral on 7 June 1957, having met previously at Sunday School! They are both an increasingly rare example of a couple who were born and have lived in the Cathedral parish all their lives. Indeed, Kathleen's parents also married in the Cathedral. Tom went to serve in the Royal Navy during the second world war, but came back to London afterwards to marry his childhood sweetheart.


Marita said...

Congratulations to these two couples - 1957 seems to be a successful year for marriages, I know of one couple and have heard of another couple who have recently celebrated their Diamond Anniversary! A great example to us all!

Marita said...

Sorry, that should have been 1947!