Sunday, 27 May 2007

Come, Holy Spirit

The Sacrament of Confirmation was conferred at Mass last evening on the youth of the parish. As well as being a Diocesan and national Church, Westminster Cathedral has its own parish, and so this was a particular cause for rejoicing. While large Confirmations take place four times each year, for adults from around the Diocese who (for whatever reason) have missed receiving the Sacrament, this annual event is more intimate and focused.

Bishop John, as ever, celebrated faultlessly, addressing the young candidates on their own terms without seeming to condescend. We are fortunate in our bishops - the four Westminster auxiliaries confer the Sacrament in around 200 churches each year, all during the Easter period. Our Confirmation Mass is, I know, one of five that Bishop John will celebrate this weekend.

It was an especial privilege to celebrate this Sacrament at Pentecost, when the gift of the Holy Spirit truly echoes in the hearts of disciples, and strengthens us to proclaim the Gospel.


Anonymous said...

What is the size of the Cathedral parish membership--households/people?

John the organist said...

It was very moving to see Bishop John speak to each candidate before the anointing and how prayerful that time was! His homily was truly inspiring.

Mark Langham said...

St Columba

Difficult to say: 4,000 Sunday mass attendance, of which about one quarter are regular. Of that, perhaps 300 live in the geographical parish; expand that by four times for families actually resident, and you have about 1,200 families ( - I hasten to add that maths is not my strong point!).

Anonymous said...

Sorry to add a comment so late but it was a beautiful Mass and an extremely moving homily: pertinent, thoughtful and directed at the candidates. My daughter felt very moved and the Holy Spirit truly came amongst us.