Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Complex Breakfast

Not, what you might think, a difficult choice among complex options for breakfast, but rather an opportunity for Clergy and Staff throughout the Cathedral Complex to meet together. Just over a week ago, staff from Vaughan House, Archbishop's House and Clergy House shared breakfast together on the Clergy House terrace. It was a huge success helped, as you see, by glorious sunshine.

The Cathedral is only part of the huge operation that exists on this site: Vaughan House, next door to Clergy House, houses the Diocesan Curia (Tribunal, Finance, Education, Catechetics etc). Archbishop's House is the location for staff supporting the Cardinal and auxiliary Bishops; based in Clergy House are the staff and clergy running the Cathedral and choir school.

As often happens, although working in proximity we rarely get to intermingle, and hence to know each other. This breakfast was the start, I hope, of an initiative to bring all those who work and live in this large complex together. As I always says, those who can party well together, can work well together!

Gardening-wise, it is early days on the terrace - although you will see that the herbs (bottom left) are doing well, gathered around the smart new fountain.

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Anonymous said...

A glorious spring morning, wonderful views - cannot wait until next month. Thank you Monsignor Mark for inviting us All.