Monday, 28 May 2007

Out on the Balcony

The Holy Father ascended the balcony at the front of the Cathedral, to give his benediction to the crowds below. In the days before Cardinal Place, the opposite side of Victoria Street was still occupied by dismal office blocks; the Piazza was crowded, as was every available rooftop and balcony.


Unknown said...

In 1982 I was a young police inspector, and had the good fortune as a member of the Catholic Police Guild to put in charge of the security and stewarding of the nave. I stood by the altar rail and last Sunday I heard Cardinal Murphy O'Connor remind us that it was 25 years since Pope JPII said mass in the cathedral. "I wonder" he asked "if there any here today that were at that mass?". I had to restrain myself from shouting"yes I was there!"

Mark Langham said...

As that comment was made, I also saw Peter and Pamela Hannigan, the retired Headmaster of the choir school and his wife, who were in the congregation on that day!

Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution.