Monday, 23 July 2007

A Great Cathedral Friend

Earlier this month, we said farewell to John Gibbs, who has been Diocesan Financial Secretary for 21 years. With the Diocesan finances currently in good shape, it is easy to forget the critical situation that greeted John when he took up his post. More than £10 million of debt was turned around, and new financial systems put in place that ensured a more secure future.

John has been a good friend to the Cathedral, and an invaluable source of advice. Twenty years ago, the Cathedral finances were run like a small parish, and treasures were in danger of being sold to meet the ever increasing defecit. There was no finance committee, no budgeting or accounts, and no strategy.

With John's expertise and close personal involvement, the Cathedral is now on a steady financial footing, and we have the structures and information to be able to plan for the future. John also has been a close friend, often popping into my office to see how things have been going, or ready to offer advice in a crisis. Upon his retirement I, and many others, will miss him greatly.

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Anonymous said...

Besides his financial acumen, John is an absolute gentleman, and will be much missed.