Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The 'Green Man'

".. it seems appropriate to give .. a photograph of the 'Green Man' or 'janitor-librarian of the Eastern porch' without whose courteous assistance, on payment of your sixpence, all access to the Campanile is inexorably barred. Seargeant Crooke has been elsewhere well described as 'the guide, philosopher and friend of the unaccustomed visitor to the Cathedral'; to its habitues his many qualities need no description." (Cathedral Chronicle 1919)

Seargent Crooke, standing at the old entrance to the Cathedral (now the Gift Shop) is an early member of that numerous host who have given generous service to the Cathedral over the decades, and have become part of its story.


PeterHWright said...

Is the campanile still open to the public ?
I visited years ago, but found the lift creaked rather alarmingly.

Mark Langham said...

Yes, Peter, the Campanile is open, with a new lift and safety mechanisms. In the fine weather, the view os particularly impressive!