Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The Cathedral Mace-Bearer

Albert Denehan prepares to carry the Mace in front of the procession for High Mass on Easter Sunday morning - snapped in a rather untidy corner of the outer sacristy. The Cathedral has two maces that are used for special occasions; this, the 'Administrator's mace', and the other the Blessed Sacrament Guild mace.

Albert is one of our best known parishioners, and a rarity in that he was born, and has lived, in the Cathedral parish boundaries all his life. When not in his red robes, he works tirelessly as a volunteer in the Cathedral Friends' office, in the finance department, and in many other areas of Cathedral life.

He looks a natural, but has so far refused my suggestion for knee-breeches!


Andrew said...

Pardon the ignorance, but what does the cathedral mace bearer do, exactly. Besides bearing the mace, I mean.

orielensis said...

Wow. Do keep encouraging him to wear knee-breeches. They would be very fetching, esp. with buckled shoes. Lovely.

Mark Langham said...

Good question, Andrew. I'm not sure why we have the post, but he does look very impressive heading up processions on solemn Feasts. Actually, this Easter Albert did have rather a practical role, as the crowds in the Cathedral were so large, he was required to clear the way before the liturgial procession. He didn't actually use (= swing) the mace: Albert simply walks inexorably and solemnly towards people, and they melt away!

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to see the Cathedral so full. Do you have any estimate Father of how many worshippers attended the service?

Anonymous said...

Albert's breeches and buckled shoes should be purchased for him as a surprise gift for his faithful service!

Wonderful photograph of Albert

An Admirer