Saturday, 21 April 2007

Low week 1912

To conclude Low Week, an image of the 1912 conference, taken in the Throne Room here at Archbishop's House. Cardinal Bourne is at the centre, front row. On the extreme left of that row sits Bishop Henry Hanlon, Vicar Apostolic of Uganda. Next to him is Bishop Lacy of Middlesborough, Bishop (later Archbishop) Whiteside of Liverpool, and on the other side of the Cardinal the two Welsh bishops; the Benedictine Bishop Cuthbert Hedley of Newport, Bishop Mostyn of Menevia. Finally in the row is Bishop Burton of Clifton - seemingly distracted by some commotion in the street outside!

In the second row, left to right; Bishop Singleton of Shrewsbury, Bishop Cowgill of Leeds, Bishop Keating of Northampton, the formidable Bishop (later Archbishop) Amigo of Southwark, Bishop Casartelli of Salford, Bishop Cotter of Portsmouth, Bishop Fenton (auxiliary in Westminster), Bishop Vaughan of Salford (brother of the former Cardinal), and lastly Bishop Kiely of Plymouth.

The notes are less certain for the back row; the second figure in is Bishop Gregory Thompson of Gibraltar. Next to him stands Bishop Collins of Hexham and Newcastle, in the centre Bishop Butt (auxiliary in Westminster) and Bishop MacIntyre (auxiliary in Birmingham).

Now that the hierarchy has grown, the facilites at Westminster are less than adequate, and so the Bishops range around the country for their meetings.

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Anonymous said...

They also look rather less like dignified bishops then the crop in this photo. Oh for nostalgia!