Friday, 6 April 2007

Entertaining the Pensioners

An enjotable interlude in the Triduum liturgies comes after the Chrism Mass, when we entertain Pensioners and staff of the Royal Hospital to dinner in the Clergy House Dining Room. Fr Tim was on hand with his camera.

Above, I am chatting to the new Governor, Sir Michael Walker - this is his first year at Westminster Cathedral. Sir Michael, in earlier days, served in the army with Fr Christopher, our sub-administrator.

The chaplains are wonderful hosts, making sure our guests are well fed and watered - in fact, bottles of London Pride disappear in quantity!

We bring in extra tables, and on this evening the normally spacious dining room resembles an Officers' Mess!

Major Peter Sheehan, who plays the organ in the Roman Catholic chapel at the Royal Hospital, exchanged notes (!) with Simon Lloyd, our organ scholar.

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John the organist said...

I didn't know that there is a Catholic chapel at the Royal Hospital. By all accounts it was very moving to witness the washing of the feet.