Sunday, 8 April 2007

Christ is Risen!

The Easter Vigil is the most splendid and solemn of the Church's liturgies, for we celebrate this night the victory of Christ, our Light, over the darkness of sin and death. The victory is ours, too, for in Christ we are all born to eternal life. Last night, as the Easter Candles moved through the darkened Cathedral, that symbolism was made powerfully real. Then, literally in the light of our salvation, we listened to the solemn proclamation of the Easter message. The Cathedral was packed, the mood joyful, all the more so because we shared the joy of 25 new members of God's Church.

Easter morning is bright and glorious. We anticipate the largest crowds of the Triduum; what a glorious new dawn!


John the organist said...

It was stunning!

Andrew said...

Wonderfully decorated!

The Paschal Candle looks rather large. Must have been quite an effort to haul it.

Anonymous said...

Msgr. Langham,

Happy Easter
Where did you order the Paschal Candle from? Hayes & Finch?
We would like to order one for our Cathedral Ss. Simon and Jude (where Fr. Rob Clements who you know is Rector) in Phoenix, AZ USA.


John Miller

Mark Langham said...

It is a very large, six foot candle, from Hayes and Finch, but decorated by a local artist. The same artist has for several years now produced a wonderful candle, with scenes drawn from icons; the sanctuary at the Cathedral is so large, the candle needs to be impressive to register.