Sunday, 15 April 2007

Spring on the Terrace

With temperatures soaring this weekend, it is up to the terrace of Clergy House with me, where blossom and early flowers are putting in an appearance ahead of schedule. I fear that you are in for many pictures of the terrace and its occupants in the coming months, as gardening there is one of my passions.

We are indeed fortunate to have such a space in central London, a real haven from the noise and bustle of the streets far beneath. To the right of the picture below is the spire of St Stephen's, Rochester Row. This Anglican church has a distinguished pedigree; a former incumbent is now Bishop of London. As a matter of interest, the spire you see is mostly glass-fibre, as earlier stone spires repeatedly fell victim to high winds!

The terrace absorbs much of my interest, and it is a delight to see the first flowers appearing. Watering and weeding them is a marvelous relaxation after a hectic days' work, and watching them grow and bloom is a constant pleasure.

The terrace also affords one of the most spectacular views of the Cathedral, its outline only spolied by Portland House behind. Plans for the redevelopment of the Victoria area of London include shortening this office block - but at the price of building two larger residential blocks nearby. I have vigorously protested to the Local Authority about the effect that this will have on the Cathedral's skyline.

However, it is good to forget such worries on the terrace, and to look forward to long, balmy days (and evenings!) in the months ahead.


Andrew said...

Here's wishing you sunny skies and great weather, Father. Happy Easter!

Stephen M. Collins said...

How wonderful! It's too late in my life to make such a change, but:

I being ordained to say daily Mass, and minister to God's people 24-7 isn't enough to draw one to a priestly vocation, living there would be close to the top of the list!

John the organist said...

Idyllic! You are closest to God in a garden ... well maybe?