Thursday, 19 April 2007

The Papal Anniversary

The Papal flag flies outside Archbishop's House, on a beautiful morning, to mark a week of celebrations. On Monday, the Cardinal celebrated Mass for the Holy Father's eightieth birthday, while on Tuesday the Papal Nuncio held his annual reception in the Throne Room for Diplomats and Dignitaries, to mark today's anniversary. The Holy Father's official anniversary will be kept, as he has requested, on the feast of SS Peter and Paul in the Cathedral.


Anonymous said...

This is all very strange. The on-line version of the Diocesan Yearbook says that the anniversary of the Holy Father's election is not being celebrated because if falls within the Octave of Easter (it doesn't), while the hard copy version says it is tranferred to the Feast of Ss. Peter and Paul 'by decision of the Bishops of England and Wales'. You, Monsignor, inform us that the transfer is at the request of the Holy Father, which suggests that it applies to the Universal Church, rather than just to England and Wales. This makes it more bearable, but still begs the question 'Why?' Presumably the Mass of the Feast takes precedence, so we shall have no opportunity of the Mass to celebrate the Anniversary of the Election of a Pope. Do you know whether this is for this year only?

Mark Langham said...

We are following instructions received last year from the Nunciature, whose message said that the change came are the behest of the Holy Father.