Sunday, 20 May 2007

Salve et Vale

Today is the last weekend of pastoral placement for Kim Addison, our first-year seminarian from Allen Hall, the diocesan seminary. We marked his departure with a photograph of all the chaplains, taken after Vespers in the sacristy.
Front Row from left: Fr Tim Dean, Revd Richard Nesbitt (Deacon), Fr Denis Sarsfield, Fr Christopher Tuckwell (sub-Administrator), Fr Michael Seed SA, Sr Bridget Cullen
Back Row from left: Mgr Mark Langham (Administrator), Kim Addison, Fr Slawomir Witon, Fr Dwayne Bednar, Fr Michael Durand, Dominic Wells (intern). Absent: Fr Michael Archer

It is worth noting that we believe this to be is the largest community of diocesan secular clergy in the country - and larger than many religious houses.

Kim has been a wonderful and cheerful presence in our midst, and we are proud to have helped him on his first steps to priesthood.

We also welcomed Fr Jerry Bednar, brother of Fr Dwayne, who crossed the Pond to be with us. The Fathers Bednar are below.


Unknown said...

I'm a big fan of Fr. Slawomir Witon.

Anonymous said...

Salve atque vale?
At least that's the correction my Latin master would have made.

Unknown said...

Wasn't it 'ave atque vale'?

Anonymous said...

Some references!

Ausonius (Ep. xxv.), -- " Quis prohibet Salve atque Vale brevitate parata Scribere ? Felicesque notas mandare libcllis."

Plautus (Curculio IV.ii 522), --
"Lyc. Summane, numquid nunciam me vis? Cvrc. Vale atque salve, nam et operam et pecuniam benigne praebuisti."

Plautus (Curculio IV.iv 586), --
"Capp. In tritico facillume,
vel quingentos curculiones pro uno faxo reperias. ego abeo, vale atque salve.++

Mark Langham said...

Impressed as I am by your erudition, I didn't actually intend to evoke classical authorities, or indeed Public School chronicles - simply to say "hello and goodbye". English, next time!!!

Anonymous said...

It was only meant to be a gentle tease. Please keep on with the Latin - it is one of the glories of Westminster Cathedral that the universal language of the church still gets a decent look in.